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Church Ministry

The churches are of independent nature, Spirit-filled with wonderful praise & worship sessions, inspiring messages by Pastor. Jeremiah Daniel about Holy Spirit, Speaking in Tongue, Holiness of life, Life Protection from Satanic Power, Anointing, Prosperity, Gifts spirit, etc., and maintain good family relationship among the congregation. Totally there are 100 Believers in the church. The people in villages around are very poor, relying only on agriculture and petty shops. Majority of the people in these villages are daily wage laborers and earn meager income which has always been insufficient for even basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and medical care.

The Sunday services of this church is being held in a rented hut sheds. The shed is not a safe place to conduct service. Monthly rental is also not affordable to be paid. Urgent need of this ministry is to own a plot of land and to build churches at each of the targeted places. Kindly pray for the need and your contribution for this ministry is much appreciated.

  • Service Schedule

  • Sunday Service : 10 A.M to 12.30 P.M

    Sunday school : 8.30 To 9.30

    Bible Study : Wednesday 6.30 P.M

    Fasting Prayer : Saturday 10 A.M to 2 P.M

    Communion Service : 1st Sunday of every Month

    Night Prayer : 2nd Friday of every Month

    Cell Prayer : Monday to Friday Evening
  • Our Address
  • Pastor S. Jeremiah Daniel
  • Telephone - +91-98656 11437+91-98656 11437